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Getting Started

Getting Started

Follow these steps to implement Save For America at your local school or youth organization:

1. Gather program information for the various constituencies at your school. Visit our Downloads page and obtain useful awareness tools to print or e-mail on to friends and colleagues.

2. Choose your preferred program type-either the Traditional or the Universal program (see below).

Traditional Programs are supervised by a local Financial Institution Partner. Partners support the program costs based on the number of Active Student Accounts participating. Partners receive student deposits after each bank day and are responsible for their reconciliation. Universal Programs are supervised by the school's PTA. Universal Schools can offer the program to all students-regardless of where their account is held. SFA can help find a funding Partner or schools can offer the opportunity to local businesses.

3. Pick your Partner! Save For America is an independent school savings program developer-we can accommodate almost any Partner. The most common funding Partner is your local bank or credit union. However, any local business or organization can be your school's Partner in Financial Education.

4. Fill out the Contact Me form. Now you're ready to have a Save For America representative contact you and your Partner to answer any questions and assist everyone through the final phase to kick-off!

5. Start Banking! You may select Volunteer Training and Program Kick-off dates at any time of the school year. SFA will assist your organization with all start up and support activities.

To find out more about getting started, please complete the Contact Me form or write to

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