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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Five Frequently Asked Questions
About the Save For America® Program

1. Does the school need any special equipment?
Yes, schools must be able to print Deposit Receipts on a Laser or Ink Jet printer. Also, school-banking is conducted on WebSaver™-so Internet access is required.

2. How many Parent Volunteers are needed?
We recommend two parent volunteers per computer. One registers the students' deposits while the other helps the students count coins or collect stickers, etc.

3. Who is the Primary Contact at the schools?
Usually a parent volunteer will serve as the main contact at the school. However a school staffperson or local Partner Financial Institution can also serve in this role.

4. How is SAVE FOR AMERICA funded?
SAVE FOR AMERICA is an independent, not-for-profit organization. Participating Partners support the costs of the program through annual dues. There is no charge to schools or PTAs.

5. What type of Savings Account is offered?
Depending on the Partner Institution(s), your child will maintain either a joint, custodial or individual savings account. In all cases, participating Partners agree to provide no-fee, no minimun balance accounts to students

More Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the school receive?
A: All participating schools receive a supplemental U.S. Department of Education approved curriculum, a school start-up kit including user's guides, toll-free technical support, banking, awareness and enrollment materials, cash contributions to the school's PTA, and of course, the school receives access to the school-banking website year-round.

Q: What does the curriculum include?
A: The Save For America supplemental curriculum includes a 14 minute educational video, pre and posttests, teacher's guides and student worksheets.

Q: Will SFA help my school find a financial institution Partner?
A: Yes, SFA will follow up with any prospective Partners you may identify. Or, SFA will locate a Partner in your school's vicinity. Either way, SFA will help shepherd the entire start - up process until banking kick-off.

Q: How are Volunteers trained?
A: Save For America representatives will schedule a training session at your convenience and personally conduct the session online, via teleconference. Additionally, continued toll-free technical support is included with the program.

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